Al Pancho – Biography

Al Pancho, born Owen Ricardo Brown, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter, deejay, record producer, and owner of the label, Kingston Wall Music. He has released eight solo albums and over 50 singles including number one hits in Italy, Mexico, and Chile. Inspired by his Rastafari beliefs, Al Pancho seeks to break through racial boundaries, unite people, and promote harmony through music.

Al Pancho was born on June 8, 1974 in Kingston, Jamaica where his mother was a dressmaker and his father owned a car body shop. He was raised by his grandmother in Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica and from the age of seven he worked as a fisherman. Al Pancho discovered his passion for music at 12 years old when he began singing songs at his local church and entertaining friends at their homes. He became influenced by deejays such as Buju Banton and Shabba Ranks, and when he was 14 he moved alone back to Kingston, Jamaica to pursue music.

At age 17, Al Pancho was discovered by record producer Bunny “Striker” Lee and released his first singles. When he was 27 he founded the label Kingston Wall Music and released “Want You From A Baby” in collaboration with Cornell Campbell. The second release on his label was a solo single, “On a Mission” (2001). Al Pancho then made a demo of this single with Fidel Nadal who released it on a solo album. It reached number one in Mexico, for which Al Pancho is uncredited. In 2002, Al Pancho had another uncredited number one hit in Chile featured on the Gondwana single “Fuego” with Quique Neira, produced by RAS Records at Geejam Studio. Al Pancho was the artist and songwriter of the track “Show Love” on the 2003 Serge Gainsbourg album Mauvaises Nouvelles Des Étoiles. Also in 2003, Al Pancho (credited as Poncho) featured on the track “Salute” recorded with Pierpoljak, produced by Clive Hunt at Tuff Gong studio. In 2004, Al Pancho released single “Rasta Chant” with Natty King, produced by Alborosie.

Al Pancho’s solo debut album Righteous Men, released in 2004, featured collaborations with Jah Mason, Junior Kelly, Bounty Killer, Natural Black, Luciano, and Lutan Fyah. In 2006, Al Pancho featured on tracks “Mankind” with Tony Tuff and on “Enjoy Your Blessings” with Congos and Friends, released on label Blood and Fire. His second album My Story was released in 2007 followed by album Joy Bells Ringing (2008) released by Lustre Kings Productions. This album includes single “Unity is Strength” with Luciano, which reached number one on the billboard charts in Italy. In 2009, Al Pancho recorded track “Respect the Eyes” with Sly Dunbar and Kubix. Also in 2009 he released his album Farmer Man followed by albums Touch That Spot and Save the World on his label Kingston Wall Music. In 2016, his album Skys the Limit was released by QCI Records. Al Pancho’s latest solo album No Escape from the Judgement Day was released in 2019.

Al Pancho has also collaborated with artists Chezidek, Yami Bolo, Ras Dumisani, Tu Shung Peng, Prince Bob, Telegram, Ken Bob, Norris Man, and Rankin Scroo; worked with producers and labels Ghetto Youths Crew, Stephen Marley, Ziggy Marley, VP Records, Forward Recordings, Roots Tradition, Don Mais, and Junior Dodd; and toured with Fidel Nadal and Marlon Asher. On his Kingston Wall Music label Al Pancho has produced and released his own work as well as other Jamaican artists including Cornell Campbell, Natty King, Tony Tuff, Chezidek, and Lutan Fyah.